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Sanctuary Choir

God has blessed our church with many people who use their God-given gifts to lift God’s name in praise. Choir members rehearse Wednesday evenings from 7:30-8:30 p.m., with some special rehearsals prior to productions. Our choir, whether in whole or in part, ministers to the community through its music. The choir leads in worship at the 10:30 a.m. service each week.  Click here to inquire about joining the choir.


Handbells provide an opportunity for adults to use and develop their musical skills.  Handbell groups also provide music to enhance regular corporate worship and other special occasions.

So what are the qualifications of a good handbell choir member? First, and probably foremost, is the willingness to commit to being present 100% of the time. Once certain bells are assigned to a player, they simply will not be played if the player is absent. Second, a good sense of rhythm is important. And finally, the ringer must be able to count! This is important in the bell choir staying “together” with precision. If you have an interest in playing handbells, then give us a call at (601) 847-2488 or click here to send us a note. . . do it today.

Vocal Ensemble

The Vocal Ensemble of First Baptist Church gives Sanctuary Choir members an opportunity to blend in a smaller group in praising the Lord. Membership in the Sanctuary Choir is a pre-requisite to membership in an ensemble. This group leads in worship and also sings for special occasions. If you have an interest in being in an ensemble, then give us a call at (601) 847-2488 or or click here to send us a note. . . do it today.

Keen-age Ministry

The Senior Adult (Keenage) Ministry has a two-fold purpose. . . to seek God’s Kingdom First by:

  1. Ministering to all senior adults and
  2. Serving others through ministry.

A monthly luncheon serves as the gathering for the Keenagers. Filled with good food, fellowship, and facts, the luncheon is a springboard for the Keenagers’ ministry to others. They provided transportation for individuals needing medical treatment, and they maintain contact with shut-ins and hospital patients. The Keenagers helped in relief efforts on the Mississippi coast following hurricane Katrina.

This group also enjoys traveling and sightseeing. They have taken out-of-state trips and in-state trips, fostering fellowship and good times. For more information about the Keenagers, contact Deborah Ammann or  Geneva Williamson.

Disciple Growth Classes

The church offers a variety of growth classes for adults seeking God’s will through discipleship. There are studies including “Revelation”, and “In the Beginning: Genesis”. Discipleship at First Baptist Church is a Bible study program that seeks to systematically mature believers in Christ. This program develops the new Christian as well as long time members who would like to understand more fully how to follow after Christ in obedience and to be equipped for ministry in the kingdom of God.


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