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There are many opportunities to plug into a bible teaching Sunday School or Discipleship Training class. These classes vary in style from teacher-learner to facilitated discussion. Whatever situation you flourish in, there’s a place for you at FBC Mendenhall.


Learning about our Lord and Savior is a continuous process that gets sweeter everyday.  The level of your involvement is up to you. Whether your worship is quiet humble prayer warrior or some other form of servant leadership, let God use your gifts at FBC Mendenhall.

FBC Mendenhall ministers to people from many walks of life in many ways to serve God and glorify Him. Please contact us if we can help you connect with a ministry.


Let us help you connect with a Sunday School Class. Just give us a call or email to get started!

Sheri Warren







Preschool Department

Jones Hall, 2nd Floor

Bed Babies

Coni Jolly, Margaret Smith, Judy Byrd, Terry Smith

1 & 2 Year Olds

Julene Anderson / Lisa Mahaffey, Jaime and Chris Craft

3 & 4 Year Olds

Teacher - Stacy Horn

Rotating Assistants - Leslie Franklin, Bruce Smith / Gary Cline


5 Year Olds

Teachers - Lexi Cockrell / Kassie Bankston

Assistant - Red and Betty Bankston


Children's Department

Jones Hall, 3rd Floor

1st & 2nd Grade

Liz Barker

3rd & 4th Grade

Rhonda Coleman

5th & 6th Grade

Girls - Lindsey Walker

Boys - Ronnie Thomas


Student Department

Family Life Center, 2nd Floor

Girls 7th - 9th Grade

Ashley Bradley

Girls 10th - 12th Grade

Becca Bridges

Boys 7th - 9th Grade

Dennis Ammann

Boys 10th - 12th Grade

Steve Pruett

Co-Ed College Class (18-25)

Sam Cowart - Family Life Center, 2nd Floor, Cafe



Adult Department

Waffles & Spaghetti Class (Ages 25-up)

Bill Broadhead - Family Life Center, 2nd Floor

Adults Class (Ages 40-49)

Danny and Brenda Cowart - Family Life Center Fellowship Hall

Couples Class (Ages 45-59)

James and Kathy Crain - 2nd Floor Conference Room, Behind Sanctuary


Ladies Class (Ages 65-up)

Betty Magee - Behind Sanctuary 

Adult Class (Ages 45-up)

Joe and Delores McGuffee - 2nd Floor, Behind Sanctuary 

Strong River Nursing Home Ministry

Mylan Anderson / Todd Sullivan

Encouragers Class (All Ages)

Allan Rankin  - Jones Hall 

Sanctuary Class (All Ages)

Cheryl Johnson


Senior Adult Department

Mens Class (Ages 60-up)

Zane Lee

2nd Floor, Behind Sanctuary

Ladies Class (Ages 60-69)

Brenda Jones

1st Floor, Outside Sanctuary


Ladies Class (Ages 70-up)

Jodie Lee

2nd Floor, Behind Sanctuary 

Senior Adult
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